special education teacher ( EBD)

On my web page you will find generic information about the EBD classroom and happenings. I will up date information as needed.
The EBD classroom is used during the day for special education students with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Students are able to access the room during their school day for a variety of reasons.
Emotional/behavioral support, academic support, organizational help or a quiet work place.
A Study Skills class is taught during 2nd, 3rd, and 7th hour. In Study Skills we assess for independence in skills taught in the class.   We monitor, check and record individual student progress. Students may be at a different skill level and working on different areas throughout the trimester   There will be NO homework from the Study Skills class.

If you have specific questions regarding a class or missing work contact the teacher directly via email or check their web page.

If you have questions about your student please contact me personally via email or phone. 763-497-2655ext 3310

Calendar for the Week of 05/20/18
Here's what's going on in our class this week.
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