Mr. Digiovanni's Fabulous Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade! The daily website updates for Mr. Digiovanni's Class can be reached by clicking on the "School Web Site" link at the bottom left corner of this page or by copying and pasting the following link in the address bar:

Please be sure to add that page to your favorites for the current school year. At this location, you will be able to view the current day's assignments for your child as well as past days' work.

First Trimester:

•        Social Studies: Native Americans, Early Explorers, Colonial America
•        Language: Themes--Meeting Challenges, Doing the Right Thing, Inventors and Artists

**Please help your child find an organizational system for their locker that will allow him/her to arrive at each class on time and prepared with the correct materials.

The assignment notebook is our primary source of communication. Please refer to the assignment notebook for daily assignments.

Anything highlighted or underlined is homework that is due tomorrow or on the specifically noted day. Any items circled in pen are late or incomplete and must be taken care of ASAP.