Mrs. Jaeger's English Classes


This is a webpage for Mrs. Jaeger's English classes: Contemporary Literature, English 9, and Honors English 9. You can find calendars for our current units by clicking the links to the right!

Open the attached calendars to view assignments and due dates

Audio reading of Huck Finn

Contemporary Lit
1146940Curious Incident Calendar.pdf

Contemporary Lit
1156681Sec Life of Bees Calendar.pdf
This website will make your works cited page for you!

English 9
1146938Mockingbird Calendar.pdf

Honors English 9
1146939Research calendar.pdf

Honors English 9
1156683Mango-Speech-Descriptive Calendar.pdf

Huck Finn--Chapter by Chapter

MLA Website

Myths: Jason and Hercules

Online Textbook (English 9)

Poetry 180 Website

Poetry Everywhere Website

Poetry Foundation Website

Poetry Out Loud Website

Poets Galore Website

Romeo and Juliet Website

The Writer's Almanac--Poetry Website

To Kill a Mockingbird Website

Vietnam War Lang Website