Laura Anton - Art

"The arts are fundamental resources through which the world is viewed, meaning is created, and the mind developed"

-Elliot W.Eisner, Professor of education and Art, Stanford University

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scott Adams, American cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

The following classes are offered third quarter:

Design Basics:

Design Basics is one of two prerequisites to additional courses in the high school
art program. The course explores contemporary art after the 1800’s.
Make the language and reality of art come alive to students. Discussions and art comparisons that lead to challenging, creative and critical
thinking skills. Encouraging individual students to respond to visual art forms..

Learner Outcomes:
-Experimental ideas for creative experience.
-Ways to develop a sensitive understanding of the relationship between creative
ideas and a selected art media.
-Discussions and art comparisons that lead to challenging, creative and critical
thinking skills.
-Wide range of creative activities and visual experiences.

Related Arts:

Related Arts is a class that explores many traditional and non-traditional crafts. Clay, hand sewing, beading, assemblage, and bookbinding are a few of the crafts that are focused during the course. Below is a brief outline of artists and projects covered in the class.

Learner Outcomes:
- Systematically apply skills with accuracy and precision to solve problems
and/or accomplish a task.
- Make numerous decisions about how details combine to create a
representation of idea.
- Identify and apply criteria to make judgments about a product, situation, or

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Useful and Interesting Art Links

_Design Basics -Course Outline

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1075620Design Basics Syllabus.htm

_Related Arts -Course Outline

_Related Arts -Syllabus
1075622Related Arts Syllubus.htm

Art Daily
Current news about art around the world.

ArtsConnectEd is a partnership between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center. ArtsConnectEd makes arts education timely, engaging, interactive, and pertinent for both teachers and students of all ages.

Coexistence Art: World Exhibit
Art that focuses on celebrating diversity. These artworks are created by famous artsists, adults artists, and children artists from around the world. The artwork is all based on the theme: "coexistence". It is a great opportunity to look at art and think about the meaning of coexistence on many levels such as race, economy, politics, and environment. Take a look at the Coexistence posters located throughout the ALC building.

Franconia Sculpture Park
The outdoor, rotating collection of over 75 contemporary sculptures reflects the creative talents of local, national and international artists. This sculpture park is located at the intersection of I-8 & I-95

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
A terrific local museum with a new expansion.

Minnesota Museum of American Art
A very small but quaint museum next door to the Science Museum in St. Paul. Always great art exhibits.

The Museum of Russian Art
This is a wonderful Russian art museum located in Minneapolis!

Walker Arts Center
The modern art museum in Minneapolis with the famous sculpture garden.

Weisman Art Museum
Another local and free art museum on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. A very unique building designed by Frank Gehry, it sits right ion the Mississippi River.