Mr. Willette: English 10, Essentials 10, Creative Writing

Welcome, wherever you are on your journey.

The road from the beginning of the school year to the end is a long and winding one. My goal is to help each student travel as far down this road as they can. Hopefully the resources on this page will help navigate the way.

Assignments This Week
The following assignments are DUE this week. To view all assignments, click here.

Helpful Resources

Audacity tutorial #1
This video shows you the basics of Audacity.

Audacity tutorial #2
This video shows how to edit your audio and more advanced skills with Audacity.

Creative Writing calendar

English 10 Literature Circles
Check out book options, the reading calendar, teacher profiles, and book trailers.

Essentials 10 calendar

King Arthur in Film GLOG
This resource shows how the Legend of King Arthur is alive and well in many popular movies of today.

Lady of Shalott
This slide show provides visual appeal to this Tennyson poem. Loreena McKennitt sings the lyrics.

Lord of the Flies audio
Listen to a professional reader while you read the book!

Midsummer Night's Dream audio

Night character review on Quizlet
Review characters for the book Night.

Night Jeopardy
Review for the test on Night by playing an engaging game of Jeopardy.

Online book registration
Watch this helpful video to assist you in registering and using your online English textbook.

Build your own flashcards to practice vocabulary or terms. Search and find lists already created.

YouTube Download
This video tutorial shows how to easily add a YouTube Download add-on.