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Tue September 8, 2009 Class Tue September 8, 2009
  Seats, and All about me   
  Students put together a brief intro to who they are and what they are all about. They are introduced by their neighbor.  
Wed September 9, 2009 Class Wed September 9, 2009
  Finish all about me/begin class tour   
Thu September 10, 2009 Class Thu September 10, 2009
  Who is Mr. J?   
  Students view my own personnal website to learn about me and my summer in the world of science.  
Fri September 11, 2009 Class Fri September 11, 2009
  Appointment sheets and class tour   
  Fill in sheets as an out of your seat activity. This is to be taped into their agenda planners to be used all trimester. We begin sharaids to learn about lab safety.  
Mon September 14, 2009 Class Mon September 14, 2009
  Perform sharaids   
  Students work together with their 8:00 appointments to act out their lab saftey. This will take all hour after students share thier weekends and any science news that they have. Begin signing the safety contract for labs.  
Mon September 14, 2009 Class Tue September 15, 2009
  Quiz on the lab safety/Big Woods etiquette    
  A short quiz on what to expect in the classroom. After this we will talk about what it means for "Big Woods". We will discuss behavior and attitudes as we go into the forest to learn about Life. Tomorrow will be a field trip. Each student is expected to have turned in their big woods field trip forms for Ms. Messick's class to participate in this field trip (across from the school).  
Mon September 14, 2009 Class Wed September 16, 2009
  Field trip to the Big Woods   
  We will have a lesson in the Big Woods. Students are expected to demonstrate how to behave while in the Big Woods to determine how much we will be doing this in the next few months. The lesson that students get are to be turned into the basket by Thursday as the come to class.

Homework: Finish your Big Woods assignment if you didnt do so while we were in the woods. This is due on Thursday.

  File: 1021149Notes-CHAR OF LIFE.doc1021149Notes-CHAR OF LIFE.doc  
Mon September 14, 2009 Class Thu September 17, 2009
  What is Life Science?   
  We will be discussing the Characteristics of Life, Living vs. non-living (biotic vs. abiotic). This will be done a some sort of sheet for a form of notetaking. They will be able to use these notes on Friday's Life Science Quiz. This quiz will have to do with our fieldtrip on Wednesday that we took in the Big Woods.

Homework due: Turn your Big Woods fieldtrip assignment into the Homework basket at the beginning of the hour.

Mon September 14, 2009 Class Fri September 18, 2009
  Return quiz/Outdoor Wednesday wkst/Do really love sci. wkst?   
  Students recieved this quizzes back today that they took on Tuesday. The quiz is to be placed into the cream colored class folder. They are also to place in there the "outdoor wednesday" wkst. in the folder. I will keep these folders in the classroom and keep important items inside to share with parents on conferences and to take out again at the end of the trimester to see how they have progressed throughout the term.

The second half of class will be working on thier "Do I really love Science" wkst. We begin this as a class and use the whiteboards to record their yes/no answers. We will take this out again on Monday to finish up.

  File: 1021151Do I love science lab II.doc1021151Do I love science lab II.doc  
Fri September 18, 2009 Class Mon September 21, 2009
  Do I really love Science?   
  We will continue what we began on friday of last week do the wkst/lab "do I really love SCience?" I have included an attachment for this assignment on last friday' description. Please go there if you need to print it off.

I will be going around the room to see that you have the materials for this class.
If you do, then you will recieve the points.

Tue September 22, 2009 Class Tue September 22, 2009
  Yellowstone Food Web/Ecosystem reading   
  Read the article, answer the questions at the end of the article.

HW Due today: Turn in your Do I really Love Science pkt.

  File: 1024753Lessons from the Wolf Article.pdf1024753Lessons from the Wolf Article.pdf  
Tue September 22, 2009 Class Wed September 23, 2009
  Fieldtrip to Big Woods- Everything is Connected lesson   
  We will be learing in the outdoors today about how living things are connected. This should be stored in your Vanilla colored class folder.  
  File: 1024759Ecology lesson.docx1024759Ecology lesson.docx  
Thu September 24, 2009 Class Thu September 24, 2009
  Food Webs   
  Students will finish up the Yellowstone article and as a class we will draw a flow chart to demonstrate what has occured in Yellowstone since the return of the wolves.

Next, students are to define some vocabulary from their textbooks. After doing this we will take a look at some websites that demonstrate how food webs are designed. After this, students will join with their appointments to design thier own food webs on the Big Woods.

  File: 1025795FOOD WEB Group activity.doc1025795FOOD WEB Group activity.doc  
Mon September 28, 2009 Class Mon September 28, 2009
  Food webs. continued   
  Students are to continue working with their 10:00 appointments to create a food web of the Decidious Forest/Big Woods. These are to be done so that we can vote of the posters on Thursday. Remember to turn in your Outdoor Wednesday observations from last friday if you didn't do so last week.  
Mon September 28, 2009 Class Tue September 29, 2009
  Wolves Presetation   
  Wolves are amazing animals. In fact, behaviorally they are very similar to people. Today we will look at and study the interactions of wolves and how they communicate.  
Wed September 30, 2009 Class Wed September 30, 2009
  Outdoor Wednesday   
  We will be doing our Outside day today and collecting leaves from trees and pressing them for a future assignment.  
Thu October 1, 2009 Class Thu October 1, 2009
  Wrap up food webs/study for quiz/start slide show   
  do a class vote on the best food webs. Then I will begin a powerpo0int on animal interactions and adaptations.  
Fri October 2, 2009 Class Fri October 2, 2009
  quiz- char. of life. Interconnectedness of life. Food webs.  
Mon October 5, 2009 Class Mon October 5, 2009
  An ambitious day!!!   
  Sneak peak of this week!

1. Food web results tallied up by Monday.

2. We will take a look at some pictures we have taken in the Big Woods over the last 3       weeks. We will then do our "Outdoor Wed" write up on Monday.

3. Finish the Interactions slide show that I began with you yesterday.

4. Finish the Yellowstone wolf video???

5. Grade eachother on the food webs.

6. Courage retreat information (10/23, thurs.)

7. October 12th field trip to the Crow River info. and parent letter.

Mon October 5, 2009 Class Tue October 6, 2009
  Goldenrod gall reading and wkst.   
  This will be turned in on Thursday along with the lab we will be doing on WEdnesday.  
  File: 1032062Goldenrod article questions.docx1032062Goldenrod article questions.docx  
Wed October 7, 2009 Class Wed October 7, 2009
  Goldenrod gall lab   
  Outside today to do a lab in the field.  
  File: 1032063gall II lab 0910 (2).doc1032063gall II lab 0910 (2).doc  
Thu October 8, 2009 Class Thu October 8, 2009
  Finish up the goldenrod sheets/book Q's   
  Do book Q's 2-8 on page 497. THese should be answered on the back of the goldenrod article wkst. Also finish up the goldenrod lab that we began yesterday. All this is dependent on whether or not we finish the presentation on Adaptations (powerpoint) and notes.  
  File: 1034535Goldenrod article questions.doc.docx1034535Goldenrod article questions.doc.docx  
Fri October 9, 2009 Class Fri October 9, 2009
  Lichens- Two lives in one   
  This is a young naturalists article. It will be linked on the right hand side of my webpage as a PDF document called "Lichens". The questions are attached here as a document.  
  File: 1034542lichen questions.docx1034542lichen questions.docx  
Mon October 12, 2009 Class Mon October 12, 2009
  catch up day   
  Wrap up goldenrod
wrap up lichen article with Q's
Wrap up the Yellowstone video
Post grades
Tue October 13, 2009 Class Tue October 13, 2009
  Chromatograhpy lab   
  We will be doing a lab that requires us to mash leaves up and convert the pigment to paper. We will wrap up the lab tomorrow with the results and discussion.  
  File: 1035544leaf chromotography lab.DOC1035544leaf chromotography lab.DOC  
Wed October 14, 2009 Class Wed October 14, 2009
  Why do leaves change color article and questions    
  Use the attached questions to answer from the packet that is attached on the right hand side of this website called, "Why leaves change color.  
Mon October 19, 2009 Class Mon October 19, 2009
  Biome presentations   
  Biomes will be read about and presented on as a small group. Students are to take notes on each of the biomes. Students will be able to use these notes on a "climatograph" activity tomorrow.

The leaf chromatography lab and the why leaves change color reading with wkst. is also due today. Most kids have these in from last week. Some of you might have finished it up for homework over the weekend.

Tue October 20, 2009 Class Tue October 20, 2009
  Biomes continued   
  We will finish the biome presentations and students will be taught how to make a climatograph. With an appointment they need to show me that they have it completed.  
Wed October 21, 2009 Class Wed October 21, 2009
  Wrap up biomes/quiz on biomes/Intro to succession   
  Students will work on a flipbook that shows different cycles and the concept of succession. These flipbooks will be due by Monday of next week October 26.  
  File: 1038087succession - mini poster2.doc.docx1038087succession - mini poster2.doc.docx  
Thu October 22, 2009 Class Thu October 22, 2009
  courage retreat all day long. no class    
Fri October 23, 2009 Class Fri October 23, 2009
  work day on succession drawings   
  Continuation from Wednesday.  
  File: 1039420succession - mini poster2.doc.docx1039420succession - mini poster2.doc.docx  
Mon October 26, 2009 Class Mon October 26, 2009
  Changing forests lab   
  Homework due from last week on the succession drawing from the book. See last Wednesday for the rubric and instructions. TOday we will take a look at another thigs having to do with succession and see how a forest changes over time. WHat isn't finished in class is homework tonight. THis is due on Tuesday (tomorrow).  
Tue October 27, 2009 Class Tue October 27, 2009
  Yellowstone fire video   
  There will be a video on the yelowstone fire of 1988 to follow up our discussion of fire and the concepts of succession. Turn in the video question at the end of the hour.  
Wed October 28, 2009 Class Wed October 28, 2009
  Outdoor wednesday   
  Students will go into the woods to practice making obserations of the changing seasons. This will be done using a sheet called Big Woods exploration. I have attached it as a document.  
Thu October 29, 2009 Class Thu October 29, 2009
  Dicot key introduction    
  The class will practice maing dicot keys. They will be sent home with pictures of salamanders so that they can create a dicotomous key from the salamander pictures. This will be due tomorrow and we will go over it as a class before beginning their own plant dicot keys as the class assignment tomorrow.  
Fri October 30, 2009 Class Fri October 30, 2009
  Dicot key plant project   
  WEe will go over the salamander keys from yesterday that students were to work on last night. When we finish students will be give the rubric for the dicot keys (attached). This projet requires students to use their leaves that they collected during classtime about a month ago while we were on a hike in the big woods.  
  File: 1042522Dichotomous Key for MN L.doc1042522Dichotomous Key for MN L.doc  
Mon November 2, 2009 Class Mon November 2, 2009
  work day on dicot keys.    
  The dicot key leaf project is due on friday this week.  
Tue November 3, 2009 Class Tue November 3, 2009
  work day on dicot keys   
Wed November 4, 2009 Class Wed November 4, 2009
  We will into. to classification with a powerpoint and some websites to look at. students will work on problems 2,3,4,5 from pages 227 in the textbook.  
Thu November 5, 2009 Class Thu November 5, 2009
  Intro to kingdoms   
  Students work with their 1:00 appointments to complete a "comparing the kingdoms" assignment. We will go over this on Monday in class.  
  File: 10472075kinglab.pdf10472075kinglab.pdf  
Fri November 6, 2009 Class Fri November 6, 2009
  Endangered species video   
  Turn in your Dicot key leaf projects along with your checklist.

Class today will be about Endangerd Species in the United States. This film shares specific examples. The sheet from this video can be turned in on Monday at the end of the hour. I will remind you.

Mon November 9, 2009 Class Mon November 9, 2009
  Bacteria introduction   
  Finish comparing the Kingdoms pkt. from friday. We will go over the answers as a class. I will collect it in class today.

Teacher shows an introduction to Bacteria and talks about Extremophile bacteria through photos and short video clips.

Students finish class by reading section 1 from chapter 10. There is a wkst that students are to do and have finished by the end of the hour. I will collect this wkst. tomorrow. If you need to use a book, use the online text by clicking on the Online textbook on the right hand side of my teacher webpage. The username and password is described in the description.

Tue November 10, 2009 Class Tue November 10, 2009
  Read pages 246-251.    
  Read and do the book questions on the handout that I gave you yesterday. WHen you finish, turn these books work questions into the homework basket.  
Wed November 11, 2009 Class Wed November 11, 2009
  Bacteria cards worktime   
  I begin by grossing the students out with bacteria. Next we transition into making the trading cards. See the attached document of diretions. All the other materials students should have from class. Use your time at home the next two nights decorating your cards, it will make them more desirable for the trading.  
  File: 1049329Bacteria Trading Cards.doc1049329Bacteria Trading Cards.doc  
Thu November 12, 2009 Class Thu November 12, 2009
  Worktime on bacteria cards   
  We will trade the cards tomorrow! come prepared, remember you can use the cards on the quiz!  
Mon November 16, 2009 Class Mon November 16, 2009
  Intro to Virus's    
  We will take a look at Viruses from the book and read as a class. We will watch 10 minute of a 60 minute show about H1N1. Quizzes from Friday will be returned and placed into your class folders.  
Mon November 16, 2009 Class Tue November 17, 2009
  Media Center   
  We will be in the media center doing an internet search assignment on Vaccines. This sheet should be done by the end of the hour.  
  File: 1051189vaccine assign..docx1051189vaccine assign..docx  
Wed November 18, 2009 Class Wed November 18, 2009
  Intro. to Protista   
  We will read pages 270-273 as a class. STudents should work on questions 1-7 on pages 273. These questions should be turned in by Friday this week along with tommorows lab on Observing Protistas.  
Thu November 19, 2009 Class Thu November 19, 2009
  Observing Protista using Scopes   
  We will use the microscopes today to look at paramecium, amoeba, and Euglena. You are to draw these on the lab sheet and turn in when you're done. Remember the questions 1-7 from yesterday that you should also be working on during class today.

1/2 of the class will be watching a video on The Protista Kingdom.

  File: 1052845protista lab.doc1052845protista lab.doc  
Fri November 20, 2009 Class Fri November 20, 2009
  Intro to the Fungi kingdom   
  We will take a look at some pictures of local mushrooms that grow here in Minnesota. After this will be some worktime to finish the protista lab from yesterday and time to do the questions from Wed. 1-7 on page 273. Turn these into the homework baskets by the end of the day!  
Mon November 23, 2009 Class Mon November 23, 2009
  Fungus conclusions   
  We will begin by taking a look at some more fungi from around the country and talk about the deadly Amanita mushroom. We will then watch a 23 minutes video on Fungus and turn the video sheet into the basket when we are done.  
Tue November 24, 2009 Class Tue November 24, 2009
  Intro to plants   
  Today we will be looking at some of the amazing thigns that plants can do! This will be done with a partner in class and you will present the information to your classmates and share it.  
  File: 1054111Amazing facts.doc1054111Amazing facts.doc  
Mon November 30, 2009 Class Mon November 30, 2009
  Isle Royale wolves   
  We will read an article from the Star and Tribune on "Trouble in Nature's laboratory". This has to do with the wolves and Moose on the island and the 50 yr. ecological story. We will read it and do a graphic organizer in class that will be turned in the baskets today. We will also be getting in new seats and doing appointments.  
Mon November 30, 2009 Class Tue December 1, 2009
  Wolf biology   
  Students will hear the amazing biology of wolves. This will prepare the students for the debate that we will be having tomorrow.  
Mon November 30, 2009 Class Wed December 2, 2009
  Wolf debate on Isle Royale   
  What should the DNR do about the wolves on Isle Royale? An amazing place and a rich history of the relationship of the two species. What do you think? We will see.  
Mon December 7, 2009 Class Mon December 7, 2009
  Looking at dead animals   
  We will be looking at 27 different preserved specimens. THere is a sheet that goes with this that will need to be turned in at the end of the hour tomorrow.  
Tue December 8, 2009 Class Tue December 8, 2009
  Diversity of the animal kingdom/continue dead animal lab   
  I will show the kids the amazing diversity of the animal world using the smartboard. Students use the rest of the time to finish working on the lab from yesterday.  
Wed December 9, 2009 Class Wed December 9, 2009
  finish lab/book questions   
  Wrap up the lab from monday and tuesday and turn into the HW basket. Next do questions . Animal kingdom reading and questions.
        -Read pages 356-359 questions 2,3,4            on page 359.

        -Read pages 360-365 questions
            3,4,5,6,7 on 365.

Turn into the basket when you finish.

Thu December 10, 2009 Class Thu December 10, 2009
  Characteristics of birds and mammals graphic organizer sheet    
  This is a two side sheet designed so that students can find the answers using thier textbooks sections 1 and 3 from chapter 17. They will hold onto these to use them for tomorrows lab. It will be turned in with the lab on Friday.  
  File: 1060635mammal graphic organizer.docx1060635mammal graphic organizer.docx  
Fri December 11, 2009 Class Fri December 11, 2009
  Feather vs. fur lab    
  Use the packet found in the classroom along with a feather and a piece of fur to proceed through this lab. Staple this to yesterdays graphic organizer and turn into the basket at the end of the hour.  
  File: 1060637feather vs. Fur lab 09.docx1060637feather vs. Fur lab 09.docx  
Mon December 14, 2009 Class Mon December 14, 2009
  Bird video   
  a 30 min video on the biology of birds. When done, read pages 380-386.  
Tue December 15, 2009 Class Tue December 15, 2009
  Deadly desert animal wkst.    
  Take a look at Phoenix's deadliest critters. Rotate around the room to complete this sheet and turn it into the basket when you finish. The second 1/2 of class will consist of your reading pages
Wed December 16, 2009 Class Wed December 16, 2009
  Review pkt. day   
  Students will read pages 412-419. I will then pass out a review packet for the kids to begin reviewing.  
Mon January 4, 2010 Class Mon January 4, 2010
  return tests/video on cells   
Tue January 5, 2010 Class Tue January 5, 2010
  Computer room assignment   
  Students will complete the worksheet in the computer room today, if you dont finish please do so at home and have this done by tomorrow. Assignment is attached.  
  File: 1067283Cells online lesson 0809.doc1067283Cells online lesson 0809.doc  
Wed January 6, 2010 Class Wed January 6, 2010
  Osmosis introduction   
  Multiple demonstations along with notes that are attached.  
  File: 1068818Osmosis and Diffusion notes.doc1068818Osmosis and Diffusion notes.doc  
Thu January 7, 2010 Class Thu January 7, 2010
  continue osmosis   
  We take a look at the results from all the set ups that we made. Students investigate osmosis before beginning the gummie bear lab. students will set the lab up and finish it tomorrow during class.  
  File: 1068829Gummy Bear Lab 0809.doc1068829Gummy Bear Lab 0809.doc  
Fri January 8, 2010 Class Fri January 8, 2010
  Finish gummy bear lab   
  Finish up the lab. Turn in by monday if you dont finish in class today.  
Mon January 11, 2010 Class Mon January 11, 2010
  Cells-reading as a class   
  Read 68-75, questions 1-9 page 75. Due by Wednesday.  
Tue January 12, 2010 Class Tue January 12, 2010
  Begin Cell factories   
  Working in assigned groups of 4, students will create a cell factory. This will need to be finished up for friday for the voting.  
  File: 1070927Cell Factory directions-resource 0809.docx1070927Cell Factory directions-resource 0809.docx  
Wed January 13, 2010 Class Wed January 13, 2010
  Work on Cell factories   
Tue January 19, 2010 Class Tue January 19, 2010
  Cell Factory vote   
  We will begin class by listening to a cell song and music video. Students are to write things that we have learned in class on cells that are mentioned in the song. Turn this in.

We will grade eachother in our group on a group grading sheet. This is confidential and I will collect it.

We will have our big vote on the factories and determine which ones are the winners tomorrow!

Wed January 20, 2010 Class Wed January 20, 2010
  Onion lab   
  Due at the end of the hour.  
  File: 1073129Onion lab II.doc1073129Onion lab II.doc  
Thu January 21, 2010 Class Thu January 21, 2010
  Review for Cell Test   
  We will use class time to review Cells. Students can use the textbooks in class. If you need to reread the chapter at home, use the online textbook which has a link on the right hand side of the screen and is pages 68-75.  
  File: 1073777Cell review.docx1073777Cell review.docx  
Thu January 21, 2010 Class Fri January 22, 2010
  Cell Test   
  Test day on Cells.  
Mon January 25, 2010 Class Mon January 25, 2010
  Intro to DNA-group read   
  We will begin learning about DNA. WE will read pages 144-147 as a class.  
Tue January 26, 2010 Class Tue January 26, 2010
  How DNA works project   
  Worktime in class. This project is due on Friday.  
  File: 1076108how DNA works, putting it all together.doc1076108how DNA works, putting it all together.doc  
Wed January 27, 2010 Class Wed January 27, 2010
  What makes a species article   
  Students are given the hour to read an article called, The Mating Game. STudents answer questions from this article called "what makes a species". This can be turned into the hw basket by friday. If you dont finish in class today there will be a few additional minutes in the next couple of days. See me if you need to borrow a copy of the article to take home.  
Thu January 28, 2010 Class Thu January 28, 2010
  DNA lab   
  We will be doing a lab today to look at our own DNA. Teacher will go over the directions and demonstration.  
Fri January 29, 2010 Class Fri January 29, 2010
  Build DNA   
  Students use resoureces in class to make a model of DNA. Students have the whole hour and it must be done before you leave for credit. If you were absent, please see me so that you can get the pieces to build this at home and bring in for credit.  
Mon February 1, 2010 Class Mon February 1, 2010
  Read pages 150-154 HOW DNA WORKS   
  Today we will talk about protein synthesis and read as a class. Students will finish the day with a worksheet that they can begin in class and turn in at the end of the hour.  
Mon February 1, 2010 Class Tue February 2, 2010
  Look at some DNA disorders   
  We will watch a few film clips on Genetic Disorders in which we read about as examples in class yesterday.  
  File: 1078481laura and Hayden.docx1078481laura and Hayden.docx  
Wed February 3, 2010 Class Wed February 3, 2010
  Heredity introduction   
  Students are to read pages 114-119. When finished, do questions 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 on page 119. Turn these questions in the basket when you finish.

We will then view an introductary if Gregor Mendel.

Thu February 4, 2010 Class Thu February 4, 2010
  Beauty of mutations article with partner-Heredity film with notes-Heads or Tails lab   
  A three part day. Begin by reading a 1 page article with your 9 oclock appointment. THere is a a short pop quiz I will give you when you are done. Next we will watch a 23 min. video with a 1/2 page of video notes. WE will correct these and you are to keep them in your folder when we are done. THird, we will do a probability lab using a penny called "Heads or Tails". THis is a partner lab and we will continue tomorrow using class data.  
Mon February 8, 2010 Class Mon February 8, 2010
  We will group read pages 98-101. Students will then work with their 9:00 appointments to do the Mitosis lab.  
Mon February 8, 2010 Class Tue February 9, 2010
  Pedigree tables   
  We will mention Meiosis and discuss, finish the lab from yesterday. The majority of the day will be us learning how Pedigree tables work.  
Wed February 10, 2010 Class Wed February 10, 2010
  Hairless rabbits and green hair    
  Worktime on a worksheet about rabbits and green hair. We will go over this in class tomorrow. Students should hold the sheet for study time next week before the test.  
Thu February 11, 2010 Class Thu February 11, 2010
  Punnett squares   
  We will learn more about heredity and genetics during a class discussion. Students will finish the hour doing a dog DNA wkst. this is due tomorrow in class.  
Fri February 12, 2010 Class Fri February 12, 2010
  Correct dog dna sheet/sponge bob genetics   
  We will go over the answers from the dog dna sheet from yesterday in class. Secondly, we will do the Sponge bob genetics 1 wkst. Turn this in when you aer done. If you dont finish it is due by tuesday. there is also extra credit for Sponge bob II. This is also due by Tuesday  
  File: 1083663gen_spbobgenetics.pdf1083663gen_spbobgenetics.pdf  
Tue February 16, 2010 Class Tue February 16, 2010
  individual phenotypes   
  We will go through some slideshows on heredity and inheritance with people. We will look at some of our own traits such as eye color, handedness, height, etc. In groups of 5 we will graph our results. See the attached documents if you were absent  
  File: 1084480inventory of traits.pdf1084480inventory of traits.pdf  
Wed February 17, 2010 Class Wed February 17, 2010
  Cracking the ocean code-DVD   
  We will explore the ocean depths to discover new species and map their genomes. To begin class we will finish up the graphs from yesterday on your groups different phenotypes. I will do a check of these graphs for points.  
Wed February 17, 2010 Class Thu February 18, 2010
  Space bug lab   
  Students are shown how to create a space bug. This will be due tomorrow and should be turned into the homework basket.  
  File: 1084989Space Bugs Lab  one document.doc1084989Space Bugs Lab one document.doc  
Mon February 22, 2010 Class Mon February 22, 2010
  finish film/pass back papers/begin review for test   
Mon February 22, 2010 Class Tue February 23, 2010
  Jeopardy review (dna,mitosis, genetics, heredity)   
Mon February 22, 2010 Class Wed February 24, 2010
  Test day   
Mon February 22, 2010 Class Thu February 25, 2010
  Intro to human body systems   
Mon February 22, 2010 Class Fri February 26, 2010
  lab day  
Mon March 1, 2010 Class Mon March 1, 2010
  Moth lab   
  Collecting class data today from the moth lab. Students will be involved in gathering this data all day.  
Mon March 1, 2010 Class Tue March 2, 2010
  Analyze moth data   
  We will look at our data and make graphs and answer some questions about what happened during the lab. This information will need to be turned into the basket tomorrow in class.  
  File: 1090268moth data.doc1090268moth data.doc  
Mon March 1, 2010 Class Wed March 3, 2010
  Whale Evolution   
  We will take a look at how whales have changed over millions of years. This work is homework if you dont finish. It will be due tomorrow.  
Thu March 4, 2010 Class Thu March 4, 2010
  What Darwin didn't know   
  If you are absent, print out the video questions attached. Go to the website:

watch the video and answer the questions. Turn them into the basket when you return back to school.

  File: 1091842What Darwin didn't know (video Q's).doc1091842What Darwin didn't know (video Q's).doc  
Mon March 1, 2010 Class Fri March 5, 2010
  Comparative anatomy   
  We will take a look at the hands of various species to see the similarities. We will use clay and do a wkst. to finish up for the week. Turn this wkst. in at the end of the day. Homework if you dont finish.  
  File: 1090275Comp. anat. lab.doc1090275Comp. anat. lab.doc  
Mon March 8, 2010 Class Mon March 8, 2010
  Finish Comp. Anatomy/continue What Darwin didnt know video.   
Mon March 1, 2010 Class Tue March 9, 2010
  Pesticide resistence   
  We will take a look and act out how bugs become resitent to certain chemicals.  
  File: 1090274Pesticide resistence.docx1090274Pesticide resistence.docx  
Mon March 8, 2010 Class Wed March 10, 2010
  Hominind migration activity   
  This will be due by tomorrow. Homework tonight if you dont finish.  
  File: 1093078hominid_mig_disc.pdf1093078hominid_mig_disc.pdf  
Mon March 8, 2010 Class Thu March 11, 2010
  adaptation drawing of a new species   
  roll the dice to determine the traits of this animal that you design.  
Mon March 8, 2010 Class Fri March 12, 2010
  No School   
  No School today.  
Mon March 15, 2010 Class Mon March 15, 2010
  Intro. to the human body   
  Students wil begin the week by writing down this weeks agenda. We will work on a sheet called Body Systems (attached). We will work on this today in class. Hold onto it when you are done. We will refer back to in the next couple of weeks.

I will also be going over the Envirothon science club meeting beginning tomorrow. 47 students were interested!!! WOW.

  File: 1095362Organ system chart.pdf.docx1095362Organ system chart.pdf.docx  
Mon March 15, 2010 Class Tue March 16, 2010
  Maple trees/ Spring day   
  We will vere away from the curriculum a little bit to take a look at whats happening in the natural world.  
Mon March 15, 2010 Class Wed March 17, 2010
  Body organization/skeletal system   
  We will begin by learning about bones!

I may take the classes outside depending on weather and mud??? We'll see.

Mon March 15, 2010 Class Thu March 18, 2010
  Skeletal system   
  File: 1095369bone list-notes.pdf1095369bone list-notes.pdf  
Mon March 15, 2010 Class Fri March 19, 2010
  Integumentary system   
Mon March 22, 2010 Class Mon March 22, 2010
  Integumentary notes/wksts.   
  STUDENTS copy notes from the front board on the skin. They picked up two wksts. that they are to hold onto for the upcoming quiz on thursday. THey should be holding onto the items they have recieved the past couple of weeks from the muscular, skeletal, and integumentary systems. They will staple all of these together and use to study from come wednesday night.  
  File: 1098861integumentary notes.doc1098861integumentary notes.doc  
Tue March 23, 2010 Class Tue March 23, 2010
  Skin respiration lab   
  Lab today on skin respiration.  
  File: 1098862Integumentary glove  time graph.pdf1098862Integumentary glove time graph.pdf  
Wed March 24, 2010 Class Wed March 24, 2010
  Jeopardy on the 3 body systems   
  File: 1098863jeopardyII skeletal muscular integumentary.ppt1098863jeopardyII skeletal muscular integumentary.ppt  
Wed March 24, 2010 Class Thu March 25, 2010
  Quiz on the first 3 body systems   
  Use all the items you have recieved the last 2 weeks to study from. I have attached the jeopardy questions and answers for you too to use to study from as well under wednesdays assignments.  
Wed March 24, 2010 Class Fri March 26, 2010
  Chicken wing dissection    
Mon March 29, 2010 Class Mon March 29, 2010
  Brain Video   
  Taking the brain to the limit! There will be a video with these questions (5 questions) that will be turned in at the end of the hour.  
Tue March 30, 2010 Class Tue March 30, 2010
  Nervous system   
  Read 654-663 questions 1-10 on page 663.
Read 665-669 questions 1-11 on page 669.

This will be over the course of two days and will be turned in at the end of the hour on Wed.

Wed March 31, 2010 Class Wed March 31, 2010
  Responses to the senses (brain)    
  We will learn about the brain and the human senses. It will be a fun class and students will finish up the questions that they began yesterday.  
Tue April 6, 2010 Class Tue April 6, 2010
  Senses and the brain   
  We will read an article called Stink Bomb! I have attached the questions you can do along with the article. Please see me to pick up the article!

I will pass back old papers and you should take a look at your current grade posted on the wall.

  File: 1102660stink bomb.pdf1102660stink bomb.pdf  
Tue April 6, 2010 Class Wed April 7, 2010
  Cold hands lab (senses)/cardivascular system    
  We will do a lab on testing the limits of the brain by cooling down our hand. There is an attached sheet for this and it's to be turned in at the end of the hour.

We will also be doing some sheets on the cardiovascular system and how the heart works. You should hold onto these to study from for a quiz next week.

Tue April 6, 2010 Class Thu April 8, 2010
  Blood article   
  We will read about the blood. The sheet for this is attached and if you dont finish in class you should check out a blood packet from me to wrap it up at home.  
Tue April 6, 2010 Class Fri April 9, 2010
  Blood lab   
  We will try to solve a mystery of who hurt my cat. I have collected blood from the crime scene and we will nab the culprit!  
  File: 1102666blood lab.pdf1102666blood lab.pdf  
Mon April 12, 2010 Class Mon April 12, 2010
  Wrap up the heart and blood/Respiration   
  We will take a look at some Cardiovascular system notes. Students are to hold onto these so that they can study from them for next weeks quiz. The quiz will include the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system.

Today we will take a look at how blood moves through the heart and some devices that are used for artificial hearts.

To finish class, students will read about the respiratory system. Pages 620-623. Do questions 1,2,3,4,7.

Mon April 12, 2010 Class Tue April 13, 2010
  Vital lung capacity lab.    
  We will be doing a lab in class today. Turn the lab in at the end of the day tomorrow. This will take two days with our shortened schedule.  
  File: 1104531Vital Lung Capacity Lab 07.pdf1104531Vital Lung Capacity Lab 07.pdf  
Mon April 12, 2010 Class Wed April 14, 2010
  continuation of yesterday    
Mon April 12, 2010 Class Thu April 15, 2010
  Digestion intro.    
  I will do a demonstration of what food looks like in the stomach and we will begin the journey of that food through the long tube we call the digestive system. Basically a notetaking day.  
Mon April 12, 2010 Class Fri April 16, 2010
  Digestive system story    
  Today will be worktime on the digestive system story. This project, is due on monday.  
  File: 1104536digestion story.pdf1104536digestion story.pdf  
Mon April 19, 2010 Class Mon April 19, 2010
  Lymphatic and Urinary systems   
  There will be some quiet time to read with your 8:00 appointment. Then work on the two wkst. having to do with the Urinary and Lymphatic systems. You should try to finish this in class today.  
Mon April 19, 2010 Class Tue April 20, 2010
  Continue the Lymp. and Urinary systems   
  We will wrap up the two systems today and also watch some short video clips having to do with these two systems.  
Mon April 19, 2010 Class Wed April 21, 2010
  Guest speaker?   
  We will see if this works out, if not we will do some sort of review for Fridays test.  
Mon April 19, 2010 Class Thu April 22, 2010
  Earth Day activity   
  We will be going outside to commerate Earth Day 2010. Be prepared for any kind of weather?  
Mon April 19, 2010 Class Fri April 23, 2010
  Test day   
  We will be testing on the cardiovascular system, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, and urinary systems.  
Wed April 28, 2010 Class Mon April 26, 2010
  Frog prep and groups   
Wed April 28, 2010 Class Tue April 27, 2010
  dissect frogs   
Wed April 28, 2010 Class Wed April 28, 2010
  dissect frogs   
Wed April 28, 2010 Class Thu April 29, 2010
  Test review   
  File: 1110463test answers.pdf1110463test answers.pdf  
Wed April 28, 2010 Class Fri April 30, 2010
  test day   
Mon May 10, 2010 Class Mon May 10, 2010
  global warming discussion   
Mon May 10, 2010 Class Tue May 11, 2010
  How can I improve the planet?   
  Take what we learned yesterday and apply it to what a 13 yr. old can do today.

Footprint video

Mon May 10, 2010 Class Wed May 12, 2010
  Into to plants/river trip info.    
  Go over final expectations for the river trip this friday to the Crow.  
Mon May 17, 2010 Class Mon May 17, 2010
  Plants cont'd   
  notecard part II:
Reading section 3 on page 308, draw and label the following pictures.
figure 2 page 309
figure 4 page 311
figure 6 page 312
Mon May 17, 2010 Class Tue May 18, 2010
  Structures of seed plants presentations   
  Students will assist in teaching section 4 from chapter 12. The presentations will each be from a paragraph in the book and will last for about 1 minute.  
Mon May 17, 2010 Class Wed May 19, 2010
  Outdoor Wednesday   
  We will be going out to the big woods to look at some of the plant life cycles that you have been drawing on the notecards the last few days. You will take the notecards out with you and answer some questions about the life cycles of plants.  
Mon May 17, 2010 Class Thu May 20, 2010
Mon May 17, 2010 Class Fri May 21, 2010
  reproduction of flowering plants/pollen lab   
  A lab today looking at Pollen from the Red pine tree. If you were absent, this will be excused for you. We were missing dozens of kids today and this will not be able to be made up.  
Mon May 24, 2010 Class Mon May 24, 2010
  Reading day   
  Read 330-335
Read 336-339

We will also watch a short film having to do with Photosynthesis.

Mon May 24, 2010 Class Tue May 25, 2010
  finish notecards   
  We will do some additional things to the notecards that we have been holding onto for a couple of weeks. we will add figure 1 from page 332, the equation for photosynthesis, figure 1 from page 336.  
Mon May 24, 2010 Class Wed May 26, 2010
  Plant test   
  you may use your notecards on the test.  
Mon October 11, 2010 Class Mon October 11, 2010
  Finish Yellowstone wolf article    
  Read this as a class.  
Tue October 12, 2010 Class Tue October 12, 2010
  National Geographic Wolf video