Ms. Alm's Physical Education and Health 7th grade

Physical Education / Health 7th grade

Thank you for visiting our web page! We did just need to adjust our swimming unit, so we will swim this fall instead of the spring. The schedule below reflects that and I will send an information sheet home regarding swimming soon.

We encourage the kids to participate to the best of their ability, being a good sport, and having a great attitude certainly play a role as well. We have been extremely fortunate to have such awesome kids in our classes!

1st Quarter:
Softball (Sept 12th-27th)
FSwimming (Sept 29th-Oct 19th)
Volleyball (Oct 24th - Nov 4th)
Fall Fitness Testing

Fall Conferences are Oct Please call or send me an email if you have questions or concerns about your child at anytime!

**If students are absent for ANY reason they are expected to make up points by completing an activity out of class and writing it up on our make-up form (that is in our light box here at school).**

2nd Quarter:
Health~ Nov 8th - Jan 20th
We will be studying wellness and lifetime fitness, making healthy choices and decision making, along with safety and first aid basics.
Students should have a notebook, folder and writing utensil daily.
During our health unit we still typically use Wednesdays for a cardiovascular fitness activity.

3rd Quarter:
Floor Hockey (Jan 24th - Feb 10th)
Line Dancing (Feb 13th - March 3rd)
Basketball (March 14th - March 31st)
*Conferences Feb

Mondays continue to be our weight room days (except during our dance unit) and Wednesdays are our cardiovascular workout days.

Thank you for encouraging them to do their best and to come prepared!

4th Quarter:
Speedball/kickball (April 5th -April 28th)
Football (May 1st - May 19th)
Soccer (May 22nd- June 8th)
Spring Fitness Testing

June 6th turn in locks and clean out lockers, but still bring appropriate shoes to participate thru the end of the week!

Make every day a great day!!