SchoolTIES is a product of InforMNs at TIES, a Minnesota consortium of school districts.

Teacher Class title
Ms. Anderson 8th Grade Phy Ed & Fit 4 Life Page
Jackie Andrews special education teacher ( EBD)
Kristen Antil Ms. Antil Science
Lori Autio Mrs. Autio Social Studies
Mr. Mr. Bauer Mr. Bauer's Social Studies Stuff
Andrea Birkholz 7th Grade P.E.
Mrs. Boisner 7th Grade Science
Cyndee Budion Geography and Current Events
Mrs. Buskey School Social Worker
Mrs. Christenson 7th Grade FACS/ On Your Own
Mr. Cleveland Click Here For Google Site
MR. DANIELS Mr. Daniels American History News 2010-2011
Jeremy Digiovanni Mr. Digiovanni's Fabulous Fifth Grade
Erik Ditlevson Mr. Dit's History Website
Mrs. Ferris Media Center!
Mrs. Foltz Mrs. Foltz's 7th grade LA
Mrs. Gehl Mrs. Gehl Speech and Language
Mrs. Haugen Mrs. Haugen's Homepage
Ann Henkes-Anderson Art with Mrs. A
John Hertwig Hertwig's PE and Fitness Fever
Kimberly Horning Webpage de Senora Horning
Blair Huggins Mr. Huggins' Google Site
Mrs. Jeffery Mr. Paul Jeffery Mr. Jeffery's Life Science
Mr Rich Jensen Mr. Jensen Science
David Jergenson Mr. Jergenson 5th Grade ART
Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson's Math Classes
Mr. Jordheim Mr. Jordheim's Band Website
Mrs. Lajko Mrs. Lajko's Choir
Ms. Loaney LA
Mr. Mashuga Mr. Mashuga's Website
Brianne Messick Ms. Messick
Mrs. Middleton
Mr. Mueller Mr. Mueller's 7th grade Math
John Odegard Mr. Odegard's Website
Jen Patnode Ms. Jen Patnode
Melanie Paulson Mrs. Paulson's 5th Grade Class
Mr. Payne Mr. Payne's Google Site!
Mrs. Perkins Mrs. Perkins' Room
Kim Pilney Pilney's Math Page
Amanda Pratt 5th Grade
Mr. Prigge Mr. Prigge's Industrial Technology Page
Ms. Roche Mrs. Roche 8th Grade LA
Mr. Sass Mr. Sass' 5th Grade Music Classes
Sara Shaw Mrs. Shaw's ELL Home Page
Jared Simpson Mr. Simpson
Heidi Swanson Mrs. Swanson's Website
Ms. Syverson Ms. Syverson's Physical Education and Fitness Frenzy Classes
Mrs. Turkowski Turkowski's
Dawn Tveitbakk Tveitbakk Math
Mrs. Vanderheiden Math with Vanderheiden
Ms. Michelle Weber The World Wide Weber
Sue Zachman Mrs. Zachman